10+ Amazing Music Shows on YouTube That You Should Be Watching



Article by Yuehan Ye

You can find everything on YouTube, including a flourishing world of music that spans every genre that you can possibly imagine. However, with so much great music content at your fingertips, discovering new music and artists on YouTube can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge.

After years of painfully browsing auto-generated playlists and related videos, I stumbled on a small niche of awesome channels that feature amazing, unique performances by popular & new artists. These channels feature some of the best musicians playing today, and put you into the coolest, funkiest, and strangest places to see music — all without having to leave your living room:


#1 | NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

National Public Radio (NPR) brings some of the hottest musicians into their office for private concerts, centered around their “Tiny Desk”.The show covers all genres— bluegrass, hip hop, indie-pop, etc. — and past notable guests include Adele, Sylvan Esso, Anderson .Paak, and even T-Pain without autotune (if you can believe it). NPR finds musicians that are poised to break out, and some of the best music discoveries come from the Tiny Desk.



Originated in Germany, COLORS is a YouTube channel that focuses on breaking through the “highly fragmented” music genres. The COLORS show is presenting an idea that music is just like colors that fade into one another with little boundaries, and there performances are a mixture of almost every single music genre that you can possibly think of. From Hip Hop to Indie, from Electronic to R&B, COLORS Show is constantly expanding the musical landscape with its platform and its ideal of “All COLORS, no genres.”


#3 | Kinda Neat

Kinda Neat is a cool idea — interview a musician for an hour, and then have them perform a song in the studio afterwards, in a single take. You can listen to the entire hour long episodes on YouTube and then check out the song — or vice versa of course. The flavor of music is rap, R&B, and electronic, featuring a lot of stripped down soundscapes with drum machines. Previous guests on the show include young talented artists such as Kali Uchis, Cuco, Tommy Genesis, and many more.


#4 | Take Away Shows — La Blogothèque

La Blogothèque has been doing their Take Away Shows since way back in 2006 in the early days of YouTube. They were pioneers in taking musicians out into the world for impromptu performances, and they’re still the best. Based in Paris, they’ve taken big name indie groups such as Jack White, the Arcade Fire and Phoenix around the nooks and crannies of the city for some special once-in-a-lifetime performances.


#5 | Under the Covers

This show features musicians performing covers of classic songs by the Beatles, Aretha Franklin and 2pac — except they are actually in bed, and under the covers (get it??). This series is a great showcase of acoustic musicianship in a cozy, familiar environment. Previous musicians include The Dead South, Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, Max Giesinger, and other rising talents.


#6 | Jam in the Van

Here’s something you don’t hear every day — a concert powered entirely by the sun. Jam in the Van features a mobile recording studio that travels anywhere accessible by road to create amplified, intimate performances. Watching this show feels like going on the cross country music tour you always dreamed about, with new episodes come out every weekday.


#7 | Songs From a Room— Sofar Sounds

Started in a tiny North London flat in 2009, Sofar Sounds is now the world’s largest live music discovery community. Sofar curates secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces around the world, from Oslo to St. Louis to Cluj-Napoc (that’s in Romania). 


#8 | Far Out — Audiotreetv

Based in Chicago, Audiotree is a great channel for discovering new and interesting bands. Their show “Far Out” takes bands far out of their comfort zones, where you normally wouldn’t expect to see someone playing music. Whether it’s a laundromat, a liquor store, or an empty pool, the juxtaposition of fully amplified bands in unfamiliar environments is pretty cool.


#9 | Like a Version — Triple J TV

An Australian radio station that mainly appeals to young listeners, Triple J features new, alternative music and local Australian performers in its “Like A Version” series. Every Friday morning, a musician or group comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and also a cover of a song they love.


#10 | Mahogany Sessions

Some of the other shows we’ve featured have a stripped down, bare bones quality — not Mahogany Sessions, whose visual direction adds to the experience of the music. The live concerts have a high quality feel to them, with expert cinematography and carefully curated locations.