Article by Jeremy Kaye

The United States of America is a fascinating nation, and so I was not surprised to find a whole bunch of great shows and webseries dedicated to highlighting unique aspects of American food, history, and culture. Whether you're interested in exploring how people in 18th century America lived and cooked, examining strange and interesting facts about US history, or learning about food culture across American cities, you'll find everything you're looking to learn about the United States in these 10 shows:


#1 | Cooking In America

The United States is a melting pot and the food world more than any other industry is perfectly positioned to look at how all of these disparate cultural elements are mixing and coming together to make America and its people what they are. Cooking In America is an in depth look at the wide variety of cuisine that exists in America, focusing primarily on cuisines that are new to United States and the people who make them.


#2 | 18th Century Cooking

Jonathan Townsend works, lives, breathes and eats in the 18th century, and dressed in various 18th and 19th century outfits, Jonathan instructs viewers on how to prepare and cook dishes straight out of Colonial cookbooks. Videos demonstrate weird and wonderful recipes, including a 1794 corn and eel succotash and a 1743 potato cheesecake.


#3 | The American Frontier

Another show from Jonathan Townsend, The American Frontier focuses on what it took to survive in the American wildnerness in the frontier era, including the types of tools people needed, the types of crafts people needed to learn, what type of places they visited, and more.


#4 | Strange Heartland History

Did you know we accidentally dropped nukes on American soil not once, but three times? Strange Heartland History uncovers stories like this--the odd, sometimes uncomfortable moments in our nation’s past.


#5 | American Conventions

Vice Media uncovers the stories behind some of the most obscure, fanatical, and downright bizarre conventions across the United States. From gatherings of Abe Lincolns to a get-together of skunk aficionados, American conventions has you covered!


#6 | Saturday Night In America

The Atlantic’s video series “Saturday Night in America” is about uncovering pockets of nightlife across the nation. An exploration of nightlife culture across the country


#7 | Crash Course US History

Crash Course US History is another history show from John and Hank Green, but rather than world history, this show is focused exclusively on examining the history of the United States of America.


#8 | Crash Course US Government & Politics

Craig Benzine (aka WheezyWaiter) teaches you about U.S. Government and Politics.


#9 | 50 States: Socratica History

Socratica's series of US geography videos "Visit the 50 States," gives you a little history and interesting facts about each state.  For every state, you'll learn when it entered the Union, what's its motto, how did it get its nickname, and see what the flag, seal, and state capitol building all look like. We'll find the state capital on the map!  There's also fun trivia - do you know the state tree, flower, and bird?  Watch and find out! 


#10 | Food Neighborhoods

ZAGAT presents "Food Neighborhoods", a show that aims to help you navigate the food scenes in cities across America by showing you where to eat and what to order. Whether it's Little Italy, Little Armenia, or Little Ethiopia, Zagat has you covered!